Volatility Trading

For lack of a better analogy, volatility trading is when you either by or sell insurance on stocks. Depending on the market it can be better to sell insurance one day and buy insurance the other. Fortunately, you can switch from selling to buying in a matter of seconds. I have written my own computer program to check every 3 seconds if it is better to buy or sell insurance on stocks and in the first 120 days it has returned 57%!

There are many volatility traders out there, but some are taking on insane levels of risk. I trade in a way that it is impossible for me to lose more money than I put into a trade, and I never trade with borrowed money. Many traders on a bad day who do not follow these rules could easily lose 10 times the amount of money they have invested and go bankrupt.

I am also very transparent about my trades. I publish every single one and allow you to link your brokerage account to my account for a small fee. If you would like to learn more just ask or check out my link to my published trades and results.

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